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USA Women’s Gymnastics: The Road to Paris

Sixteen gymnasts are competing for one of the five Olympic spots for the United States of America in Women’s Gymnastics. They will make their case in Minneapolis from June 27 to 30th at the Olympic Trials. Big names, and 2021 Tokyo Olympians like Simone Biles, Jade Carey, Jordan Chiles, and Sunisa Lee will compete alongside Olympic hopefuls Skye Blakely, Dulcy Caylor, Kayla DiCello, Shilese Jones, Kaliya Lincoln, Eveylynn Lowe, Zoey Molomo, Hezly Rivera, Joscelyn Roberson, Simone Rose, Tiana Sumanasekera, and Leanne Wong 

USA National Team in red track suits. 9 girls in the back and 7 in the front.
US National Team. Photo Courtesy @RazorbackGym/X

With Olympic trials anything can happen, but the gymnasts who would have to make strides from the Hydration Core Classic and US Nationals to be selected for the team are Dulcy Caylor, Kaliya Lincoln, Eveylynn Lowe, Zoey Molomo, and Simone Rose.

Out of this group Caylor and Lincoln were the only gymnasts to break a 14.000 score, with Caylor earning a 14.000 on vault on day one of nationals, and Lincoln, who only competed in the Hydration Core Classic, earned a 14.000 on floor exercise. It will be interesting to see how this group performs at trials and to see if any can break into the top group to be selected for Paris.

Eveylynn Lowe in red leotard on the floor exercise
Eveylynn Lowe. Photo Courtesy @usagym/Instagram

On the outside looking in on the top group is 2020 Olympian Jade Carey, 2020 Olympic Alternate Leanne Wong, Hezly Rivera, Tiana Sumanasekera, and Joscelyn Roberson. It is important to note that Carey does tend to score higher nationally than domestically. But, as of recently, the top group has been edging Carey out on every event domestically besides vault, which means the scores on the vault are close in value.

When it comes to Carey, she does have a fair chance of making this team if she can hit during trials and have a slight improvement in scores, specifically on floor exercise. Carey would likely contribute most on floor exercise and vault if she were to make the team. Rivera had a lights-out performance during Nationals, placing sixth in the all-around, which bested Carey. If Rivera mimics this performance during trials, she could be a dark horse candidate for this Olympic team. Wong, Sumanasekera, and Roberson can also put up a big all-around score if they hit all events, so it will be a battle of who can hit in the most pivotal moment.

Jade carey in blue leotard on the floor exercise
Jade Carey. Photo Courtesy @usagym/Instagram

The front runners of making the Olympic team are 2016 and 2020 Olympian Simone Biles, 2020 Olympians Sunisa Lee and Jordan Chiles, 2020 Olympic Alternate Kayla DiCello, along with Shilese Jones and Sky Blakely. It is safe to say that barring a disaster, Simone Biles will be on the 2024 Olympic team, so that leaves four spots up for grabs.

Blakely has shown herself as a strong and likely candidate for one of these spots after showing an upgraded vault and placing second behind Biles at Nationals. Jones is another likely for this team as long as her shoulder injury that kept her out of competing in Nationals does not have an impact. At the Hydration Core Classic, Jones did not have a score below 14.000 in the all-around and boasted a massive 15.25 score on uneven bars, which led to her placing second in the all-around behind Biles.

DiCello increased her stock for the Olympic team by showing out at Nationals and placing third in the all-around. Lee made her return to the all-around at Nationals and placed fourth but especially showed that she is one of the best balance beam performers for the states and can have a huge impact if selected for the Olympic team. Chiles also has a chance for this team, placing fifth in the all-around.

For this Olympic team, it will be a showdown for the fifth spot on the team, and it will most likely come down to DiCello and Chiles.

Kayla DiCello in blue and purple leotard on the floor exercise
Kayla DiCello. Photo Courtesy @usagym/X

If the selection for the USA Women's Gymnastics Olympic Team occurred today, the team and alternates that should be selected for Paris would be Simone Biles, Skye Blakely, Shilese Jones, Sunisa Lee, Jordan Chiles/Kayla DiCello, with the alternates being Jordan Chiles/Kayla DiCello, Jade Carey, and Tiana Sumanasekera. 

The 2024 Olympic Trials will be held in Minneapolis June 27-30th which will be broadcasted on NBC and CNBC.


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