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Professional Women’s Club Football Returns to Jamaica

Coming off of the positive momentum of a second consecutive Women’s World Cup qualification for 2023, Jamaica seeks to establish further development for their women’s footballers in reinstating the domestic professional league, the Jamaica Women’s Premier League.

The Jamaica Women’s Premier League offers an opportunity to foster the growth of local talent and reinvigorate a passion for football in Jamaica. The league is comprised of 10 teams split into two zones: Zone A with Fraszier’s Whip, St. Andrew’s Olympic Gardens, St. Thomas’ Baptist Alliance, St. James’ Springers United, St. Mary’s Rangers FC, and Zone B with Kingston’s Cavaliers SC, St. Catherine’s Royal Lakes, Clarendon’s Vere United, Mile Gully and Montego Bay’s Real Mobay.

In compliance with FIFA regulations, the league will be in regular season for at least six months with home and away matches leading up to two-way quarter and semifinal fixtures. Matches will be played at various venues across the Parishes including the University of the West Indies.

The first JWPL matches of the 2022-23 season took place on Oct. 4 at the UWI-JFF Captain Burrell Center of Excellences Stadium, Paul Bogle High School and the Wembley Center of Excellence. The four opening matches mark the first games in the JWPL since the league went on hiatus in 2018 due to lack of sponsorship followed by the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

The Jamaica Football Federation has already allocated $7.5 million amongst the clubs and are currently aiming to sign a sponsor. Securing financial investments and amplifying vocal support from players such as U-20 star Rena Gorden and current head coach for the Jamaican Women’s National Team, Lorne Donaldson, will help to ensure that women’s football remains a staple in Jamaica.

The upcoming JWPL fixtures will take place this Sunday, Dec. 11 starting at 1:00 p.m. EST in Montego Bay. Matches are currently unavailable for live-streaming.


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