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Mickey Mics Up

Our Editor-in-Chief, Michaela "Mickey" Alfano, hosts Mickey Mics Up to talk all things women's sports, college football, and life as she embarks on her journey as a college student.

The main focus of this show will be women's soccer with the occasional insight into tennis, the WNBA, and gymnastics. Of course, my goal is to amplify women in sports so any big things will be talked about.

The shift from high school to college is a crazy time and I want a place to document, discuss and share it with everyone so a little bit of each episode will be dedicated to that.

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Season 4 Episodes

The Newest Blue Devil with Solai Washington

Today I had the chance to talk to Duke soccer commit and recent Jamaican WNT call up, Solai Washington, about her soccer journey so far. We talk all about how she landed on Duke, school during Covid, and a player she looks up to!

Flashback Friday with Logan Olivia

Soooo this episode was actually filmed back in September. Sometimes life comes at you and things get put on the back burner and this just happened to be one of those things. But I am back and this conversation with logan was too good not to share. We talk about Tik Tok, becoming a content creator, and the endless potential of sports through advice from Logan herself.

We're Back with Andrea Kitahata

Welcome back!On today's episode, I talk with Andrea Kitahata, a Stanford soccer player, U-20 World Cup star, and squash lover (not the vegetable)We talk all things college soccer, her journey so far, and what's to come.

Season 3 Episodes

WNBA Takeover with Desiree, MK, and Jess

On this weeks episode I have some of my lovely friends from Women's Sports Exchange here to talk about the WNBA Post Season. This is pure chaos so buckle in for almost an hour of what I hope is lots of laughs. We talk playoff matchups, predictions on who we think will win, post season awards, and of course who we would would love to meet. 

It's A Mental Game with Jenn Ireland

On today's episode I have Jenn Ireland from Expand Your Game with me to chat about mindfulness. We talk about different techniques, the importance of being aware or your mental health, and of course end it with some fun rapid fire questions.

A Whole Lot of Fun with Maggie Yan

On this episode we are celebrating one year of Mickey Mics Up !!! I genuinely can not even believe that it has been that long but I am just so excited and blessed with all the guests I have had on and I can not wait to do more exciting things. In this episode I got to talk with my very own Creative Director and Co-Founder of Women's Sports Exchange Maggie Yan about college life during covid, how we got into soccer, and then of course our child that is Women's Sports Exchange. Since we spent time talking it about it, this felt like the perfect time to announce that Mickey Mics Up will not be part of Women's Sports Exchange. Nothing will change on this show except it will now be able to be found on when we launch the site soon! Again thank you so much for one year of laughs, cool guests, support, and fun. Here's to year two!

Catching Up with Haleigh Svede

On this episode, I had the chance to talk to my friend Haleigh about her journey with soccer and how it led to coaching. We talked about what coaching has been like and where she hopes to go with it. I also recapped the scores of the wild NWSL weekend and give you a mini life update.

It Just Kinda Picks You wtih Hensley Hancuff

Today's episode might be my favorite so far. I got to talk with the incredible Hensley Hancuff about her journey in soccer, Gotham so far, and of course Star Wars. I also give you the rundown on the scores and my stand out players from this past NWSL weekend as well as the USWNT roster that just dropped.

Welcome to the Chaos with Gianna Belcastro

SEASON 3 IS HERE!!! On today's episode I catch up with my amazing friend Gianna Belcastro on the NWLS challenge cup final which I know was weeks ago but we got busy. We also talk some predictions for the season even though we are not good at them, and there is lots of barking from my dog. Hope you like this one and stay tuned for exciting stuff soon.

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